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Olympia Dukakis Testimonial
"This past flu season my grandchildren were not getting any relief from their medicine. I realized after visiting my dentist, that they may be reinfecting themselves with the germs that are living on their dental retainers! Then I was told of Dr. Todd Morgan and Prodentclean. I learned that my soap and water will not kill the harmful bacteria on oral appliances. After just one cleaning with Prodentclean, my family was on the mend. If you love your family as I do then you won't let them use those dastardly contaminated appliances." Olympia Dukakis, Oscar Award Winning Actress

on April 19, 2017 (Amazon verified customer)
Yes, yes, yes - this truly does work well and is sooo much easier than some of the powder add-in to water mixes, or tablets available at the grocery/pharmacy for cleaning dental appliances. It does not leave any residue.

"I've tried a number of different oral rinses, retainer and appliance cleaners over the past 20+ years, but nothing works as well as my Prodentclean! I currently use is for my Narval sleep appliance and my Invisalign Vivera retainers. In fact, I just learned the my wife emptied the bottle with her own Invisalign! Maybe I shouldn't have told her about it??? Prodentclean is easy to use, it's fast-acting, it doesn't leave behind a colored just works, period. I've recommended this product to friends, family and clients. Everyone is grateful for something new, that penetrates harmful and smelly bacteria!" - Ryan Javanbakht, President,

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"I have been a dental assistant for 44 years. In that time, needless to say, I have used numerous produces to clean the patients removable dental appliances as well as my own Invisalign retainers. A few months ago we received a sample of your product. I took some home to try before using on any of our patients appliances. I was amazed how clean it got my retainers. They looked like new! I was so excited about it I took some over to try on my daughter’s Invisalign retainers. She was amazed also and wanted to buy a bottle. I have been telling our patients with night guards and Invisalign retainers about how great it works. Lots of them have bought a bottle for home use. We also use it in the office to clean patient’s removable appliances while they are getting their teeth cleaned. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the produce. In the 44 years of my career I have never written a letter to a manufacturer of a product."
- Sincerely, Sharon VanLuchene, R.D.A.

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"I love this product! I was so frustrated trying to keep my appliance clean. As soon as I put it in the ProDentclean all the build up came off and the smell went away. Now I use it every morning and would never go without it. I work at a dental office and I have recommended it to all our patients who have some sort of appliance. They come back and are excited to have it too. Thank you ProDentclean for coming up with this product!!!"
- Nicole Eason, Silver Creek Dental

 "I have been using Prodentclean for about year. It is the BEST cleaning solution I have ever used. I have tried just about everything and it is the only cleaning solution that keeps my Narval device just as clean and white as the day I received it. When it is in the solution, you can see it go to work, cleaning and disinfecting. The product is AMAZING!!!"

 Ashish Patel, Dental Sleep Specialist  -  ResMed Corp. 

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80% scored Prodentclean, the highest possible rating 10/10

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