PRODENTCLEAN™ was developed by a dentist and Sleep Medicine Expert, Dr. Todd Morgan, DMD, to safely clean the buildup off of his patients’ sleep appliances. PRODENTCLEAN™ is a specially formulated cleaner particularly suited for cleaning and sanitizing intra-oral appliances. The formula is completely safe and non-toxic; utilizing stabilized empowered oxygen and other key ingredients to loosen and prevent the buildup that resides on hard to reach surfaces. Only a pleasant scent is left behind after rinsing in water. 


”A safe and effective solution for the dentist, with an added opportunity to help their patients at home.” - Todd D. Morgan, DMD, Co-Inventor, Dental Sleep Medicine Expert


PRODENTCLEAN™ is Safe & Effective. No More Harsh Chemicals.


Prodentclean is a dental device cleaner developed by a Dentist and Sleep Medicine Expert. Prodentclean uses a special combination of natural ingredients that are 100% safe, but still effective in breaking down the tough buildup on oral appliances. Prodentclean represents a commitment to excellence and a long-awaited solution to crystal clean dental guards and appliances.


What are the ingredients in PRODENTCLEAN™ ?
Hydrogen Peroxide and other natural proprietary ingredients. Prodentclean provides professional level clean without harsh, appliance damaging chemicals. Since mouth guards are often porous harsh chemicals can damage most dental devices over time.



The grunge of night guards, dentures, orthodontic and sleep appliances look and smell unpleasant and result in a need to keep mouth devices clean. Other cleaners on the market have extremely harsh chemicals. Prodentclean was created as a safe alternative for dental offices to clean their patient's devices in office as well as resell for at home use.

Save money and protect your investment. Prodentclean is a concentrated formula so it will last longer. No scrubbing and brushing and damaging porous mouth guards. Safe and effective without harsh chemicals; Prodentclean doesn’t cause wear and tear on the dental devices, Prodentclean is the lowest cost on the market per dose compared to other device cleaners.

PRODENTCLEAN™ is a US Based company, positively improving the health and safety of our customers. Professional uses also include replacement of your acid-based acid based harsh ultrasonic cleaner. Prodentclean was found to be equivalent in clinical trials to harsh chemicals when used with ultrasonic devices. Prodentclean eliminates the worry about clinical staff handling dangerous chemicals which can spill or cause burns. 


How do you use PRODENTCLEAN™ ?

Soak Directions: Place appliance in a container, add enough Prodentclean to cover appliance, then add equal parts water. Let device sit for 15 minutes, agitate or brush then rinse with water. Your device is ready to use. 

Spray Directions
Rinse device thoroughly in water. Spray generously with Prodentclean. Set aside for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water. Your device is ready to use.



Anyone. Particularly suited to cleaning and sanitizing dental appliances when you visit your dentist or in-home use such as toothbrushes, dentures, retainers, and sports guards.

Professional Use for Dentists and Orthodontists: Replace harsh chemicals used in office by staff for cleaning orthodontic and dental guards. Buy in bulk and save.


Recommended Uses:

- Professional cleaning of patient mouth guards and oral appliances such as mouth guards, retainers, orthodontic aligners, invisible aligners, sports guards, dentures, partials and all dental products.
- For use at home on all dental products, devices, and guards.
-For dentists offices and orthodontics offices
- An alternative to ultrasonic chemicals