Biofilms are Tough!

Once bacteria and other disgusting microbes have colonized and organized themselves on you oral appliance or orthodontic trays, they exude their gooey products that spill them and harden like a protective shield. This varnish coating is the key to understanding why it’s so hard to kill a biofilm.

How Dangerous are Those Microbes to Your Health?

Biofilms have been found to be involved in a wide variety of microbial infections in the body, by one estimate 80% of all infections! The bacteria, fungi, and protozoa associated with colonization within the oral cavity are of special interest when we talk about orthodontic retainers, mouth guards and sleep apnea devices.

The oral environment is harsh and the bacterial that normally reside there are built to with stand the stresses of acids from foods that may normally kill bacteria. But S. Mutans (causes cavities) and S. Pneumoniae (causes infection) are hearty creatures and resist routine washing procedures.

Why is it important to clean Athletic Mouth Guards?
Athletic mouth guards are the most neglected when it comes to cleaning. This causes harmful, dangerous bacteria to grow if they are ignored. According to a study published by American General Dentistry, mouth guards can harbor life-threatening bacteria, yeast and mold. Germs found in mouthguards can lead to strep and staph infections and many other dangerous virus causing bacteria. Prodentclean cleans mouth guards crystal clean and without staining. Use Prodentclean regularly to prevent harmful build up.

Eliminate Buildup with PRODENTCLEAN™

PRODENTCLEAN™ is a breakthrough in non-toxic cleaning technology that takes advantage of empowered oxygen. When empowered oxygen is combined with other cleaning molecules such as surfactants, chelating agents and laundry macromolecules, the empowered oxygen becomes supercharged! Empowered Oxygen is now able to deeply penetrate through buildup and breaks it down.

What is Empowered Oxygen™?

The “Empowered Oxygen” released from hydrogen peroxide is also known as a free radical. Peroxide has two oxygen ions that can react with
bacterial cell walls and other cells' structures. This process is termed “oxidation” Most buildup we encounter have little to no defense
against "Empowered Oxygen".

Our own bodies use a very similar system of defenses to fight infections. While hydrogen peroxide is a common disinfectant due to its bacteria -
killing properties, it is dangerous to human cells as well in high concentration. That’s why we add other key ingredients to “empower,” or unlock
the true muscle of the oxygen, even at lower peroxide concentrations. Our combination of ingredients is the key to amazing cleaning power
of Prodentclean.


We offer Prodentclean in 4 sizes including 3.4 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz and Gallon sizes. All are concentrated and make double the original amount.